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Our skilled team of caregivers has expertise in the treatment of medically complex patients. We work together to treat patients with multiple medical issues and resulting impairments.

We offer a large range of specialized clinical rehabilitation programs to address the individual needs of our patients.

We employ state-of-the-art equipment to treat our patients. This includes ultrasound, diathermy, and electrical stimulation to treat a variety of conditions and impairments.

Our interdisciplinary team has expertise in falls reduction. Early recognition of risk factors helps to alleviate the incidence of falls in the elderly population.

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Post-Acute Care

Our nursing staff has expertise in orthopedic recovery. We successfully treat patients with various orthopedic conditions, including total hip and knee replacements and various other fractures or injuries.

We provide an interdisciplinary approach to stroke recovery. Our entire team recognizes that a stroke impacts the whole person. We concentrate on a holistic recovery plan, incorporating the individual’s areas of strength to speed recovery.

Our interdisciplinary team of caregivers has expertise in bariatric management. Providing education on safe transfers, energy conservation, and appropriate physical activities helps assist our patients in becoming more independent and functional.

Our interdisciplinary team has expertise in cardiac and pulmonary recovery. We treat patients with various conditions such as COPD, emphysema, and post-open heart surgery.

Our team has expertise in the treatment of pain. A variety of pain management techniques are implemented to determine the most effective and appropriate treatment for the resident.
Post-Acute Care

24-Hour Nursing Care

We have a distinct unit allocated to the care of post-acute patients. These are individuals who have been recently discharged from the hospital for various reasons.

These patients continue to need monitoring and rehabilitation so that they may safely return to their home environments. Some include post-operative patients, acute episodes of chronic conditions, medical management, safety management, and strength and conditioning.
Nursing Care

Around-The-Clock Nursing Care

Our facility is staffed 24 hours by registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Our professional team is credentialed accordingly.
Background checks are performed on all of our employees. Our employee average length of stay is over five years. This longevity leads to the excellent care provided.
Nursing care

Medical Staff

Thank you for visiting this page as it is vital for you to know about the credentials held by our staff. Our Moodus, CT senior rehabilitation, recovery, respite, and outpatient care facility assures you that our staff is fully credentialed.
These credentials are your guarantee that our staff is qualified to offer you the very best care.
Please read on for more information, and call us if you have any questions.
Our medical staff is fully credentialed by our facility and the American Medical Association. This credentialing process includes licensure, insurance, health statements, settlement history, AMA Data Bank inquiry, curriculum vitae, and training and experience.
Chestelm Health & Rehabilitation Center welcomes the participation of physicians with the knowledge, skills, and interest to provide safe, effective, and cost-effective care.
Successful medical care requires an effective partnership between the attending physicians and facility staff. It also requires adherence to principles of good medical practice. Physicians may need to follow certain policies and procedure and to adhere closely to various clinical protocols and guidelines.
The Medical Director is required to work with the attending physicians to ensure adequate medical coverage and appropriate medical staff.
Dr. Elmo Villanueva (Dr. V.)
Dr. Elmo Villanueva (Dr. V.)
Dr. Villanueva attended Dela Salle University and Dela Salle University College of Medicine. He specializes in Internal Medicine. Dr. Villanueva is affiliated with Saint Francis Hospital.
He is very involved in our day-to-day operations and conducts teaching rounds with our licensed staff and serves as our Medical Director.
Dr. Cavicke
Dr. Cavicke
Dr. Dana Cavicke attended the University of Vermont and Kasturba Medical College. He is board certified in Family Medicine, American Board of Preventive Medicine, and American Academy of Wound Management.
Dr. Cavicke is a Certified Wound Specialist and has extensive experience treating and healing wounds. He is affiliated with Day Kimball Hospital and Bridgeport Hospital Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medical Center as Medical Director.
Past experiences at Bradley Memorial Hospital and Backus Hospital as Medical Director of Wound Care.
Dr. Kassem Khybery, Attending Physician
Dr. Kassem Khybery, Attending Physician
Dr. Khybery attended Kabul University, Faculty of Medicine. He specializes in Family Medicine. He is affiliated with Middlesex Hospital.

Dr. Robert Fox Physician, Psychiatry
Dr. Fox is a graduate of UCONN School of Medicine. He is the Medical Director of Harvest Health Care LLC. Dr. Fox is a consultant to the Connecticut Department of Disabilities, Protective Services for the Elderly, and Forensic Psychiatry.
Dr.Fox is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology, Medical Examiners, and Academy of Pain Management.

Dr. Mustapha Kemal Physician, Physical Medicine
Dr. Kemal attended Sir Syed College and King Edward Medical College, University of Punjab. He specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine. He is affiliated with Lawrence and Memorial Hospital.
Medical staff
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