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"I spent six weeks at Chestelm Health & Rehabilitation Center healing from a broken leg. During that time, I got to know many of the nurse assistants (CNA) and nurses very well. I consider many of them true friends. I was always treated with kindness and respect. Being home for a couple of weeks, I have become even more appreciative of my care at Chestelm Health & Rehabilitation Center. I have one issue with the therapy staff and CNAs – that they remember to tell patients what's on the calendar for that day. Some patients may not care, but I'm one who wants to be informed. Chestelm Health & Rehabilitation Center is a lovely older facility that is tastefully decorated. Chestelm Health & Rehabilitation Center has all the challenges of an older facility. The maintenance of the building and grounds is flawless and made me proud to be a resident. Chestelm Health & Rehabilitation Center serves the community of East Haddam and Connecticut in a variety of areas from Alzheimer's patients to folks like me who need a temporary place to heal." 

- Babara B.

"After seeing my aunt through several experiences at four different nursing facilities, I know a good one when I'm at Chestelm Health & Rehabilitation Center. There's a very "open-door" policy. Every request that I've made has been fully responded to, and everything is handled by their cheerful and professional staff and administrators. Every day my aunt surprises me by doing something she hasn't been able to do for 6 months. For her and me, it has been a complete turnaround."

- Veronica "Ronnie" Gilbert on behalf of Lillian Olup

“Just a quick note to tell you how much I love the family activities that Chestelm Health & Rehabilitation Center provides. Last year and this year – ‘Night on the Town, just wonderful, the food, the atmosphere, the entertainment'; From the Carol Sing-A-Longs at Christmas to the car show, cookout ... everything is wonderful. It’s family-friendly. Everyone is always hospitable. The Mother’s Day Tea was, again, wonderful. All the Moms (residents) with their hats were adorable. The decorations - Lilac and Lily of the Valley, just like springtime, but indoors. The food was delicious. The Harp was also delightful. Just subtle music in the background. The entertainment that Chestelm Health & Rehabilitation Center has for residents and families is wonderful. I think we made the right choice in choosing Chestelm Health & Rehabilitation Center for my mother to live.”

- Tish Jacobson

"I was pleased with the fine meals provided during my stay. Also, the members of the staff did good service and were very friendly."

- Janet A. Nichols

"Having recently gone through the rehab experience with a sister-in-law, I had first-hand knowledge of the care / environments provided by other facilities. When it came time for my own mother to have in­ patient rehab, we asked around for recommendations as I had not been happy with any of the care my sister-in-law had received. Chestelm Health & Rehabilitation Center was recommended more than once and came with accolades for care.
From preadmission to post-discharge, it has been an outstanding experience. Some of the things that impressed us favorably were: the expert nursing / general patient care, cleanliness and attractiveness, and "home-like" feel; convenient, well-equipped, and maintained; good communication was a goal; therapy staff was compassionate, well-trained and followed-through.
For my mom, the three best parts were the delicious meals, the ability to enjoy visits with our Golden Retriever, Chloe, and the hairstylist, who made her feel human again. We all were consistently treated with respect and compassion. My mother's return home was smooth, well-informed, and considerate of my mom and family’s needs and desires for short and long-term care.
We want to express thanks for a very rewarding experience in this friendly and happy place to heal."

- The Family of Doris B.

"Awesome Staff! Well-trained, caring, cheerful. The facility is clean. It has all needed amenities. Excellent physical and occupational therapy staff. I've been well cared for."

- Catherine Brutzman

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