Outpatient Therapy

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Your Licensed Speech Therapy Specialists

We are licensed to provide outpatient therapy. This includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. The cost of outpatient therapy can be covered by Medicare B, HMOs, or may be paid privately.
Visit the local, family-owned and operated outpatient therapy facility at Chestelm Health & Rehabilitation Center.

Physical Therapy Specialists

We offer a passive and active range of motion exercises and more physical activities from licensed specialists and providers to help people regain their ability to walk and regain use of their arms and hands.

Occupational Therapy Specialists

We help patients relearn activities of daily living such as dressing and hygiene care. Our licensed care providers can provide assistance with various compensations such as learning to use the left hand to feed one’s self.

Outpatient Therapy

Speech Therapy Professionals

We offer multiple strategies and exercises, conducted by our licensed specialists, that help stroke patients recover the ability to communicate.
Your family is our family! Call now for a FREE outpatient therapy consultation.
"I was pleased with the fine meals provided during my stay. Also, the members of the staff did good service and were very friendly."

- Janet A. Nichols
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